Fair Trade dedication

Partly due to our close collaboration with our Dutch partner, all our works are printed on professional Canon printers, namely the Canon type Arizona 1300 XT and the Canon type Arizona 1300 GT, feel free to call them the Rolls Royce of printers.

All our works are shipped directly from this printer, which allows us to keep costs low and deliver very quickly (delivery within 24 hours on standard products) within the Benelux.

The stretchers on which the water-resistant canvas are stretched come from a sustainable, environmentally responsible type of wood.

We offer a unique printing process for plexiglass. Printing is done using the cmyk process* and then 2 times white and a protective cover layer. This is done in a passage, which makes us unique and can offer plexiglass with a pre-assembled frame at a competitive price.

All the works offered on our webshop were photographed in the most remote places in the world by the founder of CreaVidi & MuurDecor, and are therefore exclusively for sale via one of our own online channels: www.muurdecor.be, www.creavidi.com and therefore not for sale en masse.

We always strive for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or special requests, do not hesitate to contact us. After all, we can offer customization on most materials up to 2 meters x 3 meters.

Eddy Torremans Photographer - Founder CreaVidi.

*CMYK stands for the colors Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. By mixing the colors cyan, magenta and yellow, no black is created, at most dark brown, so the color black (K) has been added. By combining these four colors in different doses, all colors in the CMYK spectrum can be simulated. Without getting too technical, we can safely say that this process is mainly used for professional printing applications.