Your Wall Art printed on Acrylic

  Acryl   Also called plexiglass. The works are printed on the back of the panel in a unique way, specially developed by us, in mirror image. First the image, then a brilliant white layer that brings out the bright colors and depth, and finally a special black cover, also known as blockout. This layer serves to fix the blind Ready-to-Hang system), which gives an unprecedented depth, shine and professional appearance. 

Due to our unique concept, we can offer the Plexiglas panels for a very competitive price. The big advantage compared to other suppliers is that all our acrylic glass panels can be supplied with a Pre-assembled Blind Ready-to-Hang System, so we do not drill holes in your panel, you do not look at chrome caps and it is very easy to hang. The panel floats on the wall as it were and has a luxurious appearance.





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